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Robert Fiorillo, D.D.S.



From the directions below, choose the route that is best for you.  Although there may be short cuts to getting to us, we've mapped out the easiest way for you to find us.

FROM THE NORTH:  Take I-93 South to Exit 24 (Route 3). At the end of the ramp make a right onto Route 3 South (towards Meredith).  Stay on Route 3 for approximately 8 miles and you will soon come into the town of Center Harbor.  Once you're in Center Harbor, go another 2-3 miles and the office is your left, just past "The Mug" and "Pacquette Signes".

FROM THE WEST:  Take Rt. 4 to the beginning of Rt. 104 then take Rt. 104 to the end where it meets Rt. 3.  Follow directions from "The South" once you've turned on to Rt. 3 heading North.

FROM THE EAST:  Take Rt. 25 West (from the Rt. 16 & Rt. 25 Jct. in Ossipee) towards Meredith.  Go approximately 20 miles and you will be at the "Lights in Meredith", (at the Rt. 25 & Rt. 3 Jct.).  At those lights, make a Right onto Rt. 3 North, go approximately 3 miles, crossing over into Center Harbor, and the office is on your Right, just before "The Mug" and "Pacquette Signs"

FROM THE SOUTH:  Take I-93 North to Exit 23 (Rt. 104).  At the end of the ramp make a Right onto Rt. 104 (towards Meredith).  Take Rt. 104 to the end (approximately 8 miles) and make a Left onto Rt. 3 North.  From this point continue strait, staying on Rt. 3 approximately 3 miles, you will cross over into Center Harbor.  The office is 2/10 of a mile that point on your right side, just before "The Mug" and "Pacquette Signs".